‘Do we close down or open up to what wants to emerge?’ – Otto Scharmer (U.Lab 2019)


‘The knowledge I am talking about is not the intellectual and analytical but integrative and of the heart, and the choices that lead to wholeness are not pragmatic and calculated, intended to achieve some goal, but simply and profoundly expressive of personal truth.’

Parker J Palmer – Let Your Life Speak (2000)


‘Where are you going? said the sea-thing child.

‘Far and deep’ said the eel. ‘Far and deep.’

The sea-thing child looked at the ocean that was black in the night. ‘How will you find your way?’ he said.

‘Finding knows,’ said the eel, dark in the starshine of the river. ‘The finding is in me, and the finding finds the way.’

Russell Hoban – The Sea-Thing Child (1999)


‘The hero’s journey beyond what is set and known and familiar disorients and confuses and tests her….If the hero is successful… she wins a life giving perspective… ‘

New Self New World РPhilip Shepherd  (2010)



‘Understanding the burden of white privilege and what it means to be personally complicit in the system of white supremacy is a lot to hold. Holding that burden and really being with that truth is an important part of the work that people with white privilege must do.’

Me and White  Supremacy РLayla F. Saad (2020)


‘White body supremacy doesn’t just live in our thinking brains. It lives and breathes in our bodies.’

My Grandmother’s Hands – Resmaa Menakem ( 2021)


‘Unity, participation and solidarity always involves a rejection of everything that separates us, all that divides and breaks up life’

The Silent Cry – Dorothee Soelle (2001)