I ask that you pay me for an hour of my work, the same amount you are paid for an hour of your work.  I trust you to tell me what that is.


I interpret the principles at work here like this¬† –

Equality – An hour of my life is equal to an hour of your life

Simplicity – This feels very straightforward to me

Truth – This method of charging puts my felt truth into action

Peace – Fair exchange allows peace

Sustainability – Our coaching relationship enables me to meet my financial needs and you to meet yours. Our coaching relationship is sustainable for its duration.


Equality, Simplicity, Truth, Peace and Sustainability are the Quaker testimonies.


I was happy to see ‘Accessibility’ given as a synonym for Simplicity. Accessibility is my particular personal testimony here.

If you are not currently working and would like to explore possibilities. Please get in touch.


I trust this will work. I am piloting my felt sense.

If it needs to change I will let you know in good time.


Cancellation terms:

Given 24 hours notice we can rearrange our appointment within the week.

With less than 24 hours notice (including no shows) our agreed fee with be charged.