This is a multiple choice page to help us reach an agreed hourly fee.


Attending to your felt response as you read the options and to your particular circumstance, please choose the option that fits you best. Therein lies the ‘right’ answer.


A ) An hourly rate equal to your hourly rate.

An hour of your life is of equal value to an hour of mine and vice versa. I am told this is ‘radical’


B) £60.00 per one hour session

This is where I go when I feel afraid of ‘radical’. Many of us find this place most familiar.


C) £4.00 for 4 sessions

This offer arose the morning after the racial justice training I mentioned. It came to me in response to the question ‘Where are you led?’ . I hope it speaks to you. ‘Led’ is a Quaker term.  You might, and are welcome to, use another word.



If this multiple choice option is out of your comfort zone, I encourage you to sit with it for a while, to see if your initial response shifts. I am very happy to talk if it helps.


I am not happy with our status quo. This is part of my effort to invite a different world.


Equality, Simplicity, Truth, Peace and Sustainability are the Quaker testimonies.


Cancellation terms:

Given 24 hours notice we can rearrange our appointment within the week.

With less than 24 hours notice (including no shows) our agreed fee will be due.