My hourly rate is your hourly rate.

An hour of your life is of equal value to an hour of mine and vice versa.


I am told this is ‘radical’.

I began here and keep coming back. Then I get afraid and revert to the everyday.


Today the everyday doesn’t work for me.  I want different. I want to invite a different world.


If this notion is out of your comfort zone, I encourage you to sit with it for a moment, to see if your initial response shifts.


If it doesn’t, you are welcome to try the alternative.

£40.00 per one hour session


Equality, Simplicity, Truth, Peace and Sustainability are the Quaker testimonies.  If you don’t have an hourly rate.  Please get in touch.


Cancellation terms:

Given 24 hours notice we can rearrange our appointment within the week.

With less than 24 hours notice (including no shows) our agreed fee with be charged.