When one of my early clients spoke of finding our sessions helpful in dealing with ‘knotty issues’, the word ‘undoing’ came to me.

Next came different kinds of knots and the varying degrees of difficulty in undoing them.

Sometimes a thing seems to get in a knot by itself. Occasionally I can get in a knot about what I am going to wear. Is this ok? Is it ok with that? Does that work? I look ridiculous!! I get myself out of the house eventually but it’s painful.

Other times things get caught up with something else.  My beloved scarf caught in the zip of my long serving, faithful cardigan for instance.  Frightened of tearing the thread and ruining the scarf, I took the unhappy pair to my seamstress cousin.  She and her husband used four hands to separate the thread from the zip.

People can get into a knot with other people.  In my personal and professional experience I have experienced conversations and relationships getting into knots.  When parties are willing counselling, therapy and mediation can be used to undo them.

Before speaking in public I often feel a knot in my stomach.  Getting started usually undoes that one. Thinking about knots in the body, as I am writing, it occurs to me that what I have thought of as a ‘lump’ in my throat is perhaps a knot.  A knot that keeps me from expressing myself.

The process of undoing can involve uncomfortable surprises.  What might I say if the knot in my throat loosens? We may be faced with things that have been hidden and contained by our knots.  What do I see when I look at that thing I have been trying not to look at for a while?

What I frequently witness is release, relief and realignment.

I love my work.