On working with Meredith:

Lighthouse sketch

‘Something significant has shifted.  I am valuing my core more.’

Ms G


‘Everything we have talked about is coming together.’

Ms M


‘I appreciate your willingness to be in the unknowing. Persistent and consistent. Listening and considering. Mirroring and questioning. I heard you, that you knew what it was you were offering… and I welcomed your presence – trustingly.’

Mr A


‘I liked that because I got a definite action. Thank you Meredith that was brilliant.’

Dr J


‘Systemic mapping physically moves me out of my loops. It reminds me there are other ways of knowing, sense making and understanding. I walk out of here feeling stronger and lighter. It doesn’t get much better. I leave feeling hopeful.’

Ms C


‘Thank you so much for everything we’ve done so far, I am grateful for finding you for this step of the way.’

Ms K


‘I don’t like being told what to do or being talked down to. Meredith does neither. She listens, absolutely, but also hears, feels and sees.’

Ms L


‘I feel considerably less tormented. It’s also an abiding feeling. So that’s good too!’

Dr C