On working with Meredith:

Lighthouse sketch
Dear Clients,
Thank you for your words – without your work, mine would not be possible.  Being in your presence and in partnership with you is a deep honour. I am grateful for your contribution to my life.
‘It was such a help – in getting me to think outside of the box.  By finding objects that represented me and my immediate world-that sometimes feels SO CloseUp that I cannot view it clearly- gave me a genuine feel and insight into how I can shift my perspective, handle it ( through the objects ) and re-position them in a way that feels both DOable and manageable. It served as a reminder that the need to return to base = to land back in myself is ViTaL !  The language we have found together through movement and gesture has ratified that this is how I best communicate, when words alone at times feel if not empty, but simply WronG.
The language through physical expression is so often over-looked, … ( left to those that ’study’ body language – which seems to have its own coding system ).’

‘I never tend to do anything with an expectation and I approached the prospect of being coached in the same manner. I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful and innovative your coaching style is. I left every session with something; curiosity, a deeper understanding of my myself and my internal compass and a desire to carry on exploring with you, amongst other things. I cannot thank you enough for your coaching and like you said to me yourself when I first met you, coaching is one of those things that’s hard to explain. You just have to take a leap of faith. I promise it’s worth it.’



‘Over the course of six weeks I had coaching sessions with Meredith to straighten out a relationship issue. I did not go into the sessions with any great expectation as thought my problems were deep rooted. How wrong could I be as it very quickly became apparent that Meredith has a real skill at listening, tuning in, and really unpicking the meaning behind words. I was gently challenged and encouraged to question my thinking and she was great at reflecting back. She is very good at keeping sessions focused and marking progress from week to week. She also gave me practical tools which I use to this day. From talking with Meredith I grew in ways I did not expect and will be forever grateful to her. Meredith is an approachable, empathic and kind woman and I can sincerely recommend her services.’

‘Something significant has shifted.  I am valuing my core more.’



‘Everything we have talked about is coming together.’



‘I appreciate your willingness to be in the unknowing. Persistent and consistent. Listening and considering. Mirroring and questioning. I heard you, that you knew what it was you were offering… and I welcomed your presence – trustingly.’



‘I liked that because I got a definite action. Thank you Meredith that was brilliant.’

Dr J


‘Systemic mapping physically moves me out of my loops. It reminds me there are other ways of knowing, sense making and understanding. I walk out of here feeling stronger and lighter. It doesn’t get much better. I leave feeling hopeful.’



‘Thank you so much for everything we’ve done so far, I am grateful for finding you for this step of the way.’



‘I don’t like being told what to do or being talked down to. Meredith does neither. She listens, absolutely, but also hears, feels and sees.’



‘I feel considerably less tormented. It’s also an abiding feeling. So that’s good too!’