How might we collectively, discover and move towards our potential?

My work happens in place, purpose, project and belief based communities, with the general public, local residents, training groups, course participants and Quakers.

People who have worked with me say:


‘Even though beginning conversations can feel clumsy and awkward, deciding to continue brings the opportunity to find common ground and explore.’


‘Thank you for working with us in such challenging circumstances. I felt deeply held and truly myself working with you.’


‘An epiphany … and all it took was a blank piece of A4 paper and an inspiring weekend with resourceful leadership and supportive companions.’


‘Your generosity played a big part in these days for me – what a role model you are.’


‘The day worked very well. I am referring to it in the review as an example of how we can improve the dissemination of ideas/ stimulation of thought/ spaces for discernment.’


‘Meredith’s facilitation offered a friendly, dynamic, creative space in which a lot of wonderful things happened over the weekend.’ 


‘You’ve challenged my natural insularness. It’s still there, and my neighbours are still difficult for me to be friends with, but you’re giving me glimpses into a better world and being a bridge between people thanks to your willingness to talk to anyone without being annoying.’


‘Also known as ‘Talks-To-Strangers’, Meredith connects with people. She’ll approach you, me, anyone in her open-hearted and open-minded way with a simple curiosity and care. She engages respectfully, finding ways, in conversation, to see and articulate ideas and perceptions.’


‘One of the good things about this year – being part of this group!’