Finding Knows


On my first ever visit to the Estuary I felt such a deep sense of home coming, of finding, I was moved to tears.

The first time I did a systemic map with post it notes, I felt the life changingness of what I saw.

When I listened to a link a friend had sent of Philip Shepherd speaking of Wholeness, I sat on the kitchen floor and wailed.

In a yoga class several years ago, a huge wave of surrender washed through me when I did a particular forward bend posture.

I have come to understand Truth and Finding as one and the same.

My belief is that they are here, waiting to be bumped into, come across, found. Claimed. Often they are staring us in the face. Perhaps they are our face.


My most confident place of knowing is my body.  I Know when tears come. I Know when I laugh. I Know when my arms rise of their own accord and when goosebumps come. I Know when I let go and plunge underwater in the cold river pool.

I find Knowing doesn’t always need to be spoken, which is just as well as I’m not always able to put it into full sentences.

Knowing is most reliable when felt, recognised, experienced.  Knowing can lead the way or point in a direction. Sometimes it invites me to sit down with a cup of tea, others times to march.